CBD Terpsolate


    Our terpsolates start at 99% pure CBD crystals, 0% THC. They are then infused with strain-specific REAL cannabis plant terpenes. Not synthetic terpenes and not from “other” plants. 

    Our strain-specific cannabis plant terpenes are steam distilled from freshly cut flower, right off of our Clean Green Certified Hemp farms. 

    You can add the terpsolates to a dab rig, vaporizer, or crumbled on top of our CBD & CBG flowers to add additional CBD & terpenes to your smoke! 

    • Purps:  Purps is known for its terpene profile that gives off a strong gassy smell with a slightly sweet flavor. popular for its large, dense purple bud.
    • Gas: Known for its gassy unforgettable smell. A unique terpene profile similar to the known Diesel, Chem & OG lines. A strain you’ll surely try again.
    • Lemon Haze: A citrus smell combined with an equal mix of Kush. Closely mimics the known THC strain, tangy. This is just one of our sought after premium CBD strains.

    Available in 1 gram jars.

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